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Teach them to love the feel of a hug.
Teach them to spot the sadness of a friend.

Teach them to understand the power of a thank you and a please.
Teach them how wonderful sand and grass feel on bare feet and how magical getting soaked in a rainstorm can be.
Teach them the importance of respect for their elders.

Teach them the strength in silence.
Teach them the healing wonder of laughter.
Teach them why a sunset and a sunrise are life-affirming moments in every day.

Teach them to understand the doors opened by a smile.
Teach them above all to be kind.

Teach them to value other’s opinions and walk in their shoes to best understand differences.
Teach them to understand how helping others can heal yourself.
Teach them that love is the answer, always the answer.

Teach them to watch and listen before they react.
Teach them to dream and to believe that dreams come true.
Teach them to spot their fears and anxieties before they become overwhelming.
Teach them how powerful breathing can be.

Teach them to be humble but to know they are enough, always enough.
Teach them to try, fail and win.

Teach them to sit with fear in their heart sometimes, it’s there to protect us, not to stop us.
Teach them to say yes, to live in the moment and to go for it, whatever it is.

Teach them that regardless, they will always have a space in your heart to call home.
Teach them to leave and teach them to return.
Teach them to see the good and teach them also to sense the bad.
Teach them to be still sometimes and to sit with their own thoughts.

Teach them to express themselves however they feel they need to.
Teach them to love their own quirks, shortcomings and talents.
Teach them to feel and to hurt and to heal.

Teach them the beauty in a flower, the wonder of a view and the wisdom of the tides.
Teach them something every minute of every day.
Nothing is too ordinary

〰Donna Ashworth

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Illustration of teacher watering students with plants on their heads


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