Getting Older Is Like Being Given A Backstage Tour

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Getting Older…

Is like being given a ‘Backstage Tour’.

Without the lights, the sets, the music – suddenly you see the whole production for what it is… a show.

You catch a glimpse of the ‘star’; without make-up, getting ready to go home – and you realise she is not the superhuman entity you thought her to be.

She is just a person, like you.

They all are.

We all are.

The dressing rooms smell of sweat and the costumes need washing.

The sets are made of wood and hollow in the middle.

Reality exists in every corner of every life, no matter how glamorous the facade.

Getting older, is like being given a manual on life, decades too late or perhaps, right on time?

Suddenly it all makes sense and you will no longer focus or pay attention, to the wrong things, the false idols.

Getting older is being given the gift of time: even though time is running out, you value it so much more that every minute is worth a hundred.

Getting older is a privilege denied to many…

Grab it with both hands and seize not just the day, but the seconds.

Getting older is a privilege denied to many













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