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Have the courage
To live as a whole
To listen to your heart
To talk to your soul
To know who you are
When others do not
To look for the vibes
To listen to thoughts

Have the heart
To shoulder the world
To see that we’re one
Whether man, boy or girl
To understand life
Is a pathway of love
That the kingdom of heaven
Is right here, not above

Have the joy
To appreciate life
To laugh and to cry
To accept both are right
To go with the flow
When the winds of change rage
To learn to let go
To break free from that cage

Have the vision
To share your own story
The ugly truth heals
As much as the glory
Pass down your lessons
The joy and the pain
Remind those who follow
To dance in the rain.

Have the patience
To wait for the signs
But never stop living
enjoying the ride
Listen to silence
As loud as the screams
Respect life’s sorrows
Follow your dreams

Listen to your Heart/ follow your dreams/ have the courageDonna Ashworth

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