Right Now, You’re Somebody’s Hero….

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Today, remember that the bad times, are part of your journey too.

They are part of your story.

So own them – never let them own you.

These challenges that you face? You are supposed to be facing them.

You are supposed to come out victorious.

This is just another chapter in your book.

Never underestimate the power of your hardships, they will inspire others, they will create waves that ripple on for years.

They will help others to face their own – and come out fighting.

You see, it’s not just the good chapters of our stories that people will want to read about. We all need a hero to look up to.

Right now, this shit that you’re dealing with, makes you somebody’s hero.

So put on your cape and get it done girl.

Then shout it out from the rooftops that you survived.

Your story could be someone’s saving.

More words…

Painting of woman by Jennifer yoswa


When I’m no longer here,say my name to call me near.I will calm your disarray,move the mountains from your way.I will dry your falling tears,whisper

Painting by Tangled Muses artist

You are youier…

Imagine if the sun refused to shine,because the moon was shinier. if streams ceased to flow,because rivers were flowier. if snow didn’t dare to fall,because