I Want To Have That Kind Of Home…

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When my kids are grown and out in the world, I want to be that house…

the one where everyone travels back to.

The house where everyone feels at home and joy is bursting out of the windows and doors.

Where a problem shared is a problem halved.

The house that rings with laughter, music and the delighted giggles of children, or tantrums and tears. 

I won’t judge. For I remember.

The house that is warm and welcoming and is always messy with the aftermath of a dinner shared and a drink toasted.

When my children are grown and out in the world I will enjoy my solace and my freedom but I will always, always, welcome the noise and the chaos and the new friends introduced.

And the new loves.

And the new lives.

When my kids are grown and out in the world, I want to be that house.

The one where everyone travels back to, before leaving again, with their hearts a little fuller and their belts a little tighter.

I want that very much indeed.

Donna Ashworth

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