Let’s All Be A Little More ‘Hilda‘

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Let’s all be a little more ‘Hilda’, I say

Let’s squeeze so much joy into every day

Let’s tackle new things with no fear of falling

Let’s live for today and quit with the stalling

Let’s show our true selves, in all of our glory

Let’s remember each day, we are writing our story

Let’s be fearless and cheerful and sing our own song

Let’s never forget that we women are strong

Let’s not be afraid to say how we feel

Let’s always be genuine, always be real

Let’s all be a little more Hilda, I say

Let’s plough through this life, living our way

Let’s always be true to the woman inside

Let’s allow her to breathe, there’s no need to hide

She’s waiting within for the dawn of tomorrow

She’s waited too long, staying quiet in sorrow

Let’s all be a little more Hilda, I say

It’s time to release her, she’s ready to play.

Donna Ashworth

Artist Duane Bryers

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