Gut Feelings Are Your Guardian Angels

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Listen very closely to those little feelings that start in your tummy and try very hard to be heard. 

They are the voices of those who watch you. 

They are your guardian angels doing their thing.

Pay attention to the hairs that bristle on the back of your neck. 

For when that happens, you have been touched from above by someone who has your very best interests at heart. What is it they heard that made them connect? Go back, find it.


If you are struggling to make a decision my friend. Say it out loud as though you were talking to a loved one and wait for the feelings that follow.

You are never, ever alone.

You are always being guided in everything that you do.

Likewise, when your instincts are screaming at you to leave, to free yourself, to move on to better things.

Listen hard.

They are right.

Pay close attention to the voices deep inside.

They are your guardian angels.


Spirit connections/ guardian angels / instincts

Donna Ashworth

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