Somewhere Inside Of You Is A Little Girl Who Needs Her Mother.

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Whether you have a mother or not, the need will always be there.

Even if you never had one, even if you don’t have any experience of that maternal love, there is a hole inside of you that perhaps, you didn’t even know you had.

A woman needs her mum, this much is true. 

So if you’re lucky enough to have a mother living, call her, listen to her, show up if she wants you, or even if she doesn’t.

Let her care, let her in, let her be a part of your life, for you, you are an enormous part of hers. 

If you no longer have a mother, be very kind to the little girl who lives within you, she is hurting. She misses her mother more than you realise.

Be kind to her and don’t be too harsh when she is lost. She doesn’t have a mother to show her the way.

For those of you who have had a mother who couldn’t love you the way you deserved, your heart is even more broken and bruised. There is nothing much in this world more painful than that.

Surround yourself with as much love as you can find in this world.

You see, a mother is the source of life, the first source of love – she is shelter, she is nurture, she is home.

Take her with you wherever you go and let her love carry on even after she has gone. It’s part of you, it’s inside your cells, your very DNA.

So, I guess she never really leaves.

If you look within, you will find her there.

Hold on to that, my friend, hold on to that.

Donna Ashworth, Ladies Pass It On

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