You Weren’t Born To Fade Away my Friend..

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Life may smooth away all of your rough edges, with its twists and turns and lessons to be learned.
Life may force you to fashion a tough outer shell.
Life may break you and reform you many many times until you don’t even recognise the shapes you see in the mirror anymore.
And that’s okay, it really is.

Just don’t let life make you smaller.

Don’t let anyone convince you that your cracks, your scars, are a sign of weakness.
They are war-wounds, my friend.
Battles fought and survived.
They are your story, your fight, your journey.

Let life reshape you over and over again, sure, but don’t let it make you fade away.

Fading away is not what you are here for.

Let peace fill your heart as the years go by and your wisdom abounds.
Let anger and pettiness fall from its pedestal.
But don’t let your voice diminish.
There are countless young women out there who need to hear you and hear you loudly.

You weren’t put on this earth to burn brightly then fade away, my friend.
Get louder.
You have much more to say now.

©️Donna Ashworth

Donna Ashworth

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