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Dear Friend,

When this comes to an end (and it will).

You and I are on a mission…

A mission to start ticking those things off our bucket lists.

No more excuses, no more procrastination,

Life is SHORT.

We know this now right?

No more worrying about fitting in, or standing out.

No more ‘when things get quieter’, ‘when I lose some weight’…

There is never a right time, so from here on in, we are saying yes more.

To the things that bring us joy.

And whilst we are at it, let’s also start saying no more, to the things that drain us.

You see…

None of us know when we wake up each day, whether or not the life we take for granted will still be there or not, or whether everything we saw as ‘normal’ will be simply whisked away from under us.

So, this is my promise to you.

From now on.

You, and I, are LIVING.

Full blown style.

Now, stay safe, stay strong.

I’m here, waiting.

I reckon that some of our best times in life, are still to come.

Isn’t that a lovely thought?


Donna Ashworth

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