What If We’re Not Just Tired…

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What if we’re not just tired.
What if it’s our souls that are exhausted?
The kind of tired that sleep won’t remedy, that fresh air or good food won’t help.
You see, when the world is in crisis (and it is), your soul becomes weary with the weight of collective grief.
With the magnitude of problems which need to be addressed.
There is so much wrong with the world right now, that we feel we cannot do very much about.
And that is truly exhausting.
Where do we even begin?
We begin by realising that everything has to implode and crash, before change can occur.
We begin by breathing air into our lungs and appreciating the oxygen we have been provided with, every moment since we were born.
We begin by wrapping our love around anyone we can, whenever we can.
Yourself too.
Mostly, we begin by remembering that the darkest point of night, occurs right before dawn.
You’re experiencing a grief for everything you cannot change. A hopelessness that sucks the energy out of your every cell.

If you are feeling exhausted my friend,
Let your soul rest too.
You’re time to help will come soon.
Be ready

Donna Ashworth

#andtheearthwept #soulweary #youcanhelp #wecanchange

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