You Were Just In Too Much Pain

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You were just in too much pain to keep on living.
And I’m sorry that I didn’t see that now.
I think your soul was just too bruised to keep on giving.
And you had to take the pain away somehow.

If I’d called you just once more, could I have saved you?
Would my need to have you here, be enough?
Could I have uttered some wise words to help you push through?
Oh how I’ll miss my wondrous diamond in the rough.

You were wrong to think the world is best without you.
How could that be when you were just so full of light?
I know your demons made you think life didn’t want you.
That you’d be better off surrendering to the night.

You were just in too much pain to keep on breaking,
And I’m sorry that I didn’t have the glue.
You smiled so wide no one could ever see you faking,
You had a way of glowing bright that seemed so true.

So may you sleep now love, the best you’ve ever slumbered,
For you deserve to feel the peace you’ve never had.
You fought so hard but in the end you were outnumbered.
You feel no pain now and for that at least, I’m glad.

Donna Ashworth

For Lauren

#suicide #youvegone #grief #loss #mentalhealthkills #depression

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