Dear Friend, Save Your Best For Someone Else

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Dear Friend,

I don’t need you at your best when you come to my home.
I don’t care what you’re wearing or what car you drove.
I don’t care if there is food on your shirt or if your hair has not been brushed.
None of that matters to me.
I care about you.

I care about what’s in your heart, how afraid you are. What you worry about in the night.
I care about your deepest fears and your biggest dreams and I am there for it all.
If you mess up, I won’t judge.
That’s my promise to you.

So, don’t cancel me because your house is a mess and your cupboards are bare.
I will bring what you need with pleasure and I will listen to your problems without measure.

If you are on the floor, I’m picking you up, or I’m sitting right down beside you.
You need never be alone down there.

And before I leave, I will have made you smile at least once.
That’s my promise to you.

So, save your best for someone else my friend because I want you just as you are.
That’s what friends are for.

Donna Ashworth

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