I’m A Big Fan Of Women…

Women laughing in a circle/ friendship

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I’m a big fan of women who snort when they laugh.
Women who overshare awkward truths when the conversation stalls.
I’m a big believer in singing loudly in the car whenever possible
and I love pulling alongside a fellow diva doing the same.
I’m a big fan of women who love women,
who spot toilet paper on the shoes and help each other out,
when Mother Nature calls.
I’m a huge believer in comparison being the thief of joy,
that dimming someone else’s light, won’t ever make yours shine brighter.
I just can’t get enough of those women who are unashamedly themselves,
in technicolour glory.
I’m a lover of laughter and those moments when the tears start to flow,
give me life.
I think the best therapy, is quality time with a friend who listens without judgement.
I’m a big fan of women who break, who share,
who rebuild each other and cheer them along the way.
I’m grateful for this world half-full of fabulous females,
I see you all.

Donna Ashworth

women #friends

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