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I’m in the rain
I’m in the pain
I’m in the blood within your veins
I’m in the air
My favourite chair
I’m in the soulful way you care
I’m in the night
I’m in your sight
I’m in your heart and holding tight
I’m in the skies
The children’s eyes
I’m in your sobs and in your sighs
I’m in your life
The cause of strife
And that thought cuts me like a knife
My darling one
My moon, my sun
Please don’t let all I was become
Your daily sadness
Source of madness
I used to be a font of gladness
If you can hear
When I am near
Please let me take away the fear
And bring back love
I’m not above
I’m close around you like a glove
So breathe me in
Let life begin
Loss will fade but love will win

Donna Ashworth
Author of ‘To The Women’ and ‘History Will Remember’ on amazon

griefpoetry #loss

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