Put Your Lifejacket On First

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When you feel like you can’t go on.
And the worries are weighing you down so heavily, you fear you may stop breathing.
Take a moment,
To check…
That those worries are actually yours to bear.
You are an empath my friend, and you are currently carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.
You are not supposed to, nor can you cope if you continue to do so.
You cannot help others by taking on everything they fear.
You will drown.

Face your worries one by one and identity which is truly your own and which has come to you via the chaos of the news, the press and social media.
They must be the first to be put aside.

The world is not yours to fix and you can’t, even if you try.
What you can do, is keep your little part of the planet calm and safe and when you are strong, again (and you will be), you can reach out to those who are not.
One by one.

Put your life jacket on first my friend.
It’s the only way.

Donna Ashworth
Author of ‘To The Women’ on Amazon

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