Teenager starting into distance/ poem about teenagers by Donna ashworth

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When you look back, 

may you never see the blaze of a life in ashes because you let your fear become your fortress, your flaws become your cage and your imperfect wondrous soul to be imprisoned in a tower of self-doubt.  

When you look back,

may you never regret the seas you didn’t swim in, the beaches you didn’t lose your cares upon, or the moments you hid away from the world because your body did not meet expectation, for whom?

When you look back,

may you vividly recall the moments of joy, as the light shone your way, when the sun came out and the world opened its beauteous gates to let you wander through its very heart.

When you look back,

may you see that love was enough, love was always the goal, peace was its chariot and hope the warm wind to speed it along, and may you share that wisdom with others who so desperately need it.

When you look back,

may you know that your life was one well-lived, that the heartbreaks you had no control over were the only storms in your skies, and not an unrequited love for your own self that darkened your entire journey.

When you look back,

may you breathe easily, safe in the knowledge you blazed a bright path whilst on this planet, spreading love, spreading light, breaking and rebuilding and giving of your beautiful self freely. 

For that is all you are really here to do.

From my new best-selling book ‘the right words”

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