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Not everyone will like you.
Not everyone will agree with the things you say, or do.
Not everyone will understand why you are who you are,
which trials and tribulations made you stronger, weaker, braver.
Not everyone will care enough to look beneath,
peek behind,
Or read between.

That’s ok.

Some people will.

Some people will find you so fascinating that they will delve right into your depths.

Some people will devour your words and commit them to memory,
should they ever need to revisit them again in times of pain.

Some people will crave your company like a flower craves the rain.

Some people will not only appreciate your light but they will reflect it right back.
They will charge you from the soul, like being plugged into the sun.

Those are your people.

Accept no shade from haters my friend, life brings enough of that.

Always seek out the light.

©️From ‘The Right Words’ by Donna Ashworth:
Available on most amazon sites

Art by Oriol Angril Jorda Oriol Angrill Jordà | art

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