Painting of older woman by laura wolf

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Maybe, we can be totally happy to ‘look our age’,
but still want to look great?

Maybe we can love to wear new make-up, buy the latest clothes and try new looks
but we don’t need anyone to tell us we look ‘younger’…

As though that’s the goal.

It’s not my goal my friend.

I have been younger,
my whole life,
it didn’t make me happy then,
so maybe I don’t want to spend the best part of my life trying to look like something
and not liked very much at all.

I hated my body then.
It was ‘perfect’,
Why would I want to chase that?

And what’s more, I have spent many a year trying to look different,
better, blonder, thinner, curvier, smoother, trendier, whatever society dictated.

I’m certainly not down for spending the most peaceful part of my time here on this earth chasing the youth I didn’t even want when I had it.

Join me my friend,

let’s look our age and let’s do it in style.

We earned it.

#aging #ageing #gettingolder #lookingyounger #growoldgracefully #growolddisgracefully
#midlife #menopause

Art by Laura Wolf

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