Helen yousaf painting of woman walking away

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I walked with you today, I took the longer way.
I made some time to tell you all the things I didn’t say.
I spoke to you so softly and so often tears just flowed.
I let you know my secrets, the stories you were owed.

I gave you all my heart, as we walked the pretty way.
I cared not for my timings or the schedule of my day.
Instead I lingered back, picking flowers for my hair.
I showed you our old tree but this time I stopped and stared.

I walked with you today, I took the wilder path.
I reminded you of all the times your antics made me laugh.
I stopped to smell the roses, as I should have done before.
I seized that special moment and I wished and wished for more.

I walked with you today love and with all my aching heart.
I wish that I had not left it too late in life to start…
To start taking the long route, saying things I never say.
I’m sorry that it took me far too long to walk this way.

Donna Ashworth

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Art by Helen Yousaf #helenyousafart


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