Drawing of a home

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To My Babies,

Whatever choices you make in this life, wherever you go, whomever who you choose to share it with…
I want you to keep coming home.
I want you to know, that in this fast-paced, crazy world in which we live – you always have a safe place to rest your weary head – and your heart.

This door, it will never close, not to you.
I will try, with all my might, to refrain from judging you: I get it, this is your life now, your path and you need to walk it your way.
But I am here.

And I walked many paths too, so if you need any advice, ask me. I will always try to see it your way.
The wonderful thing about family is – we need never face anything alone – and anyone in your home, has a home in my home too.

Fly high, dream big, live loudly, love fiercely.
Show the world what you are made of, my love.
Show them the way, you have so much light to shine out there.
And when your light won’t shine the way it should…

I will be here.

Donna Ashworth, from my new book ‘LOVE’

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