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If one day I don’t remember, do not feel helpless.
You will have much work to do.
You must remember me enough for both of us.
Write me down.
Put the things that make me me, in a beautiful box, with my treasured photos and my joyous memories.
Build my essence whole again with pictures, words, music, recipes.
The things which sparked my spirit.
If one day I begin to fade, my love, do not feel hopeless.
Put yourself straight to this task.
I was very much here, so very much alive, you know that better than anyone.
You know me enough for the world, so tell the world who I am.
Because if I have forgotten me, it is vital that you don’t.
Remember me, my love, remember all of me, enough for two.
And then I won’t be gone.


This poem will be in my next book, due October 23.

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