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I knew a fearless girl
who shook the whole damn world
with her muddy knees and hands
that defiant way she’d stand

she took everything they knew
scrunched it up and wrote anew
she cared nothing for false rules
she was wiser than these fools

and with every day she grew
strong and fearless, pushing through
till her heart was stole away
by a boy who watched her play

he took pieces of her soul
every day he made a hole
chipped away, at all she’d got
till her spirit seemed to rot

and as time went marching on
they feared that girl they knew, was gone
till one day, like lightning strike
she was woken in the night

as though touched by someone passed
she was wide awake at last
“you know well what love looks like
you’re confused, this isn’t right”

just like that, her spirit rose
she found her back, wrinkled her nose
and remembered who she was
felt the pang for all she lost

till this day, that fearless girl
now grown up, out in the world
is a dreamer and a Queen
helping others to feel seen

and she’s thankful to that voice
who helped her make that choice
because the simple, basic truth
is you are too much to lose.


Art by C M Burgos

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