Black and white photo of the night sky

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I never truly noticed,
how beautiful the sky is,
until I started searching it for you.

I never really appreciated,
how sunlight bounces off the clouds sometimes,
creating a glimmeringly spectacular show of light.

But now it feels as though,
you are putting that show on,
just for me.

I sit in the front row
and consume your blinding light,
to feel your spirit near
with all my earthly might.’

I never truly noticed,
how wondrously uplifting,
the sky is, my love.

Until I started searching it for you.

Until it became your sky.

And I search your sky daily,
and always will.

Donna Ashworth, from my new collection ‘Wild Hope’ 🩶

Wild Hope 📚


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Illustration of teacher watering students with plants on their heads


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