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I have an uninvited friend.
She came to my door last night, again, and I almost pretended to be out.
But it was too late, she saw me peering through the blinds and she can sense my energy anyway.
I let my friend in and she wrapped her arms around me, uninvited.
We stayed there like that, quietly, just some sobbing, some sighing
and a little silent crying.
Without saying a single word, my friend gave me three things.
She gave me a hug, she gave me some ice-cream (my favourite kind) and most of all, she gave me back my hope.
I had lost it again you see, outside somewhere.
And she found it, like she always does.
And brought it back to me, uninvited.
I hope you have an uninvited friend, like mine.
I can’t imagine life without one.

Donna Ashworth

this poem is new but you can find many of my friendship poetry in ‘I WISH I KNEW’ and ‘LOVE’.

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I have an uninvited friend.She came to my door last night, again, and I almost pretended to be out.But it was too late, she saw

Lucy Campbell painting of girl holding ball of light


This goes out to the mamas,raising the wild ones,the not to be tamed,the rare,the reckless,and the precious… you are shaping stardustinto human formminding moonlighttill its