If every single person who has liked you in your lifetime, were to light up on a map, it would create the most glitteringly beautiful network you could imagine. Throw in the strangers you’ve been kind to, the people you’ve

Lucy Campbell painting of girl holding ball of light


This goes out to the mamas,
raising the wild ones,
the not to be tamed,
the rare,
the reckless,
and the precious

you are shaping stardust
into human form
minding moonlight
till its ready to instruct the tides

Lucy Campbell boy and lion painting



The world can be tough,
for a boy who’s not rough,
there’s much pressure
to man-up and fight

and the boys who shout loud,
seem so very proud,
to preach that this macho
is right

and since boys may

Art by Tangled Muses


You may think yourself lazy, or flawed. Yet your body is made of almost exactly the same elements as the stars. Your bone composition matches the coral in the seas and you, my friend, are ruled by the moon and

Line drawing of figure walking away towards sunset


When I go,
don’t learn to live without me,
just learn to live with my love,
in a different way.

And if you need to see me,
close your eyes,
or look in your shadow,
when the sun shines,


Woman with lights edited photograph


Not everyone will like you.
Not everyone will agree with the things you say, or do.
Not everyone will understand why you are who you are,
which trials and tribulations made you stronger, weaker, braver.
Not everyone will care enough

May your days be filled with laughter


May your days be filled with laughter.
May your chores complete themselves.
May your mind have time to wander.
To a sandy beach of shells.

May your morning stretch be graceful.
May your lunch be full of taste.
May your

Be Kind…

If you’re worried you’re not kind enough,

Then you’re probably already so.

Because kindness is within you,

You just have to let it flow.

It’s the wishing good on strangers,

Even though your day is grey.

It’s the smiling at


TO THE WOMAN with the full-time career, who occasionally feels the guilt of the life choices she has made… you are doing a great job. You’re an inspiration, keep on your path if feels right for you and don’t bow


I'm fine, Poem about depressionFINE

I’m balanced on a knife edge, running out of time.
My heart’s exploding in my ears but still I say ‘I’m fine’.

I’m hoping you won’t notice, yet praying that you care
My world is turning inside out, no