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Welcome to my website, a happy place full of my poems about life, love, loss and womanity (I made that up). If you like reading my content you can grab one of my best-selling books by clicking on either of the pictures left and right.

Thank you and Happy reading! Donna x

Woman asleep on bed in ocean

One Tiny Step

ONE TINY STEP When things get tough, really tough.And you don’t have the will, the answers or the energy to fight any more.There is only …

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Beautiful older woman/ loss don’t last the journey image

Don’t Prioritise Your Looks

Don’t prioritise your looks my friend,they won’t last the journey.Your sense of humour though, will only get better.Your intuition will grow and expand like a …

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Teenager starting into distance/ poem about teenagers by Donna ashworth

Tell The Teenagers

Tell the teenagersThat this will not go on forever, that very very soon, their life will begin again and it will begin in glorious technicolour. …

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Today, I dared to let myself dream,That the world will one day open again.That the locks will loosen, the walls will fall,The doors will fly …

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Mother and daughter in lake

If I Ever Have To Leave

If I ever have to leave you love,Please know I didn’t choose it.You were my every waking thought,My world, I wouldn’t lose it. If I …

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Little girl releasing balloon

Tu me manques…‘you are missing from me’

The french don’t say, ‘I miss you’, they say… Tu me manques…‘You are missing from me’. You are. Missing. I feel your absence as though …

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Female friendship

Dear Friend, Save Your Best For Someone Else

Dear Friend, I don’t need you at your best when you come to my home.I don’t care what you’re wearing or what car you drove.I …

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You Were Just In Too Much Pain

You were just in too much pain to keep on living.And I’m sorry that I didn’t see that now.I think your soul was just too …

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And I Am Glad Again, That I Feel Pain…

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have to feel everythingSo deeplyLike the weight of the world is mine to bear. Sometimes I wish I was one …

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What If We’re Not Just Tired…

What if we’re not just tired.What if it’s our souls that are exhausted?The kind of tired that sleep won’t remedy, that fresh air or good …

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You were born without a worry, poem by Donna ashworth


You were born not caring much,For the curves along your thighs.And it took you several yearsTo care a thing about your size. When you die, …

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Hilda, poem, self love, poem body confidence, poem ageing, poem for body acceptance

There’s A Woman In My Mirror

There’s a woman in my mirrorAnd she looks a lot like me,Though there’s lines around her eyes,And her hair is wild and free.She is plumper …

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